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Barber Coleman #type T Taper Spline Hobbing Machine


BARBER – COLEMAN #TYPE T TAPER SPLINE HOBBING MACHINE. – 42.5 CENTER DISTANCE. – 4 SPINDLE BORE. – WGT: 9,000LBS. SUBJECT TO PRIOR SALE. Please contact De or John with any questions. We have a loading dock and fork lifts with the ability to load any type of truck. Please indicate the following. For smaller […]

Taper Shank HSS M2 Z-10 PA30 USSR Shaper Cutters Involute Splines

Shaper Cutters Involute Splines Taper Shank. Used for splined connections according to DIN 5480, DIN 5482, ISO 4156, ANSI B92.2M, ANSI B. Number of teeth – 10. Pressure angle – 30 deg. Face width– 15 mm. Outside Dia dao – 23.54 mm. Morse Taper – B18(shortened MT2). For other countries please contact me to get […]

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