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PTO Driveshaft with Clutch & Universal Joint, 36 Length, 540 Style Spline Drive


Open box; no retail packaging. Actual item for sale pictured. Total length is 36 from input collar to output shaft. Input connector is a 540-style spline drive. Please refer to photos for output shaft shape. This may in fact be only half of a complete driveshaft unit; we do not have any additional information about […]

Weasler Complete 3 pc. 1 15 spline Universal joint, Yoke with SAT -T- LOK 2000 RPM


Making up a driveshaft to mate up to your Cub Cadet, John Deere, Allis Chalmers, Simplicity, Bolens garden tractor equipped with rear 2000 RPM PTO that used a 1 inch 15 spline shaft here are all the componets you need to mate up to your garden tractor. These are quality components. You won’t have to […]

UNIVERSAL TOOL UT8892SP-24 2400 RPM PISTOL GRIP Internal Spline Drive Tool


Indexable Flat Angle Drillmotor is a small and quiet, yet extremely powerful L-type angle drill for drilling in diverse metallic or composite materials. Modular rotatable and indexable flat L-type angle head can be adjusted and locked in 30 degree increments. Accepts drilling attachments from other manufacturers. 46 HP Motor Allows Offset Drilling with 93893 Series […]

Universal Fit T-Box for Multi Spindle Rigid Decks 1-3/4 X 20 Spline Shafts


Replacement Universal Fit T-90 Gearbox that fits several multi spindle rigid rotary cutter decks. Most 8′ and 10′ multi spindle decks use a divider between the drive gearboxes to transfer power from the tractor. This gearbox features 1-3/4″ X 20 spline shafts and has a 4 bolt mounting pattern that is 6″ on center. This […]

Universal Fit 75HP Rotary Cutter Gearbox Smooth Shear Bolt Input 15 Spline Out


Replacement Universal Fit 75HP Rotary Cutter Gearbox. These gearboxes can have a square or round housing configuration and are OEM gearboxes used by Land Pride, Alamo, Lowrey MFG, International, WAC and more, featuring a 1:1.46 speed up ratio, 4 bolt mounting with holes 8″ on center, a 1-3/8 smooth input shaft with 1/2″ shear bolt […]

Universal Engineering, Kwik-Switch 200 Spindle w Splined Shaft, Good Used, 806841


Universal Engineering, Kwik-Switch 200 Spindle w Splined Shaft, Good Used, 806841. Cleaned Up, Good Used, Comes Bare. Does Not Include Anything Just The Bare Spindle. For RIGID RAM/V2XT/V2E3 Machines with 200 Spindle. This Item Will Be Coated With The LPS3. Platinum Grade Rust Preventive Solution. We Will Gladly Bundle Multiple Orders Together. 282 Woodmont Road, […]

WRIGHT 5800 #5 Universal Joint Spline Drive Impact Socket 14 Tooth, No Box


WRIGHT 5800 #5 Universal Joint Spline Drive Impact Socket; 14 Tooth, No Box. Description: #5 Alloy Steel Spline Drive Impact Socket, 14 Tooth. Packaging Condition Details: No Retail Packaging Included. Item: WRIGHT 5800 Spline Drive Impact Socket. Socket Size: # 5 Spline. Socket Type: Impact Socket, Universal Joint. Drive Size: # 5 Spline Drive. Number […]

120XP Universal Spline XL Flex Head Gearbox Ratcheting Metric Wrench 10 Piece


The GearWrench 120XP Flex-Head GearBox ratcheting wrenches offer the longest reach of any GearWrench ratcheting wrench. The combination of the 120 position ratcheting wrench mechanism with 3 degree swing arc, the flex-head and XL beam length give the best access and leverage available. Universal spline drive works on 5 different common fasteners, 12 and 6 […]

10 Pc. SAE 120XP Universal Spline XL Flex Head GearBox Ratcheting Wrench Set


120XP ratcheting box ends have 120 positions providing a 3° swing arc so you can turn fasteners in tighter confines Universal spline drive fits 12-point, 6-point, rounded 6-point, spline, E-Torx and square fasteners XL beam design is up to 25% longer than standard wrenches for improved reach, leverage, and torque Dual-direction off-corner loading design for […]

Universal PTO Driveline 1-3/8 6 Spline x 1-1/2 RB With KW 14006524 PM14006524


Catfish Pond Driveline Assembly, size 5. Driveline minimum C-to-C is 40″ (1010 mm), maximum C-to-C length is 62″ (1580 mm), total collapsed length is 48 (1230 mm). Tractor ends: 1-3/8″ 6 Spline and implement ends are 1-1/2″ round bore with 3/8 keyway. Driveline rated as category 4 (47 hp). It may be necessary to cut […]

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