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40 HP Rotary Cutter Gearbox 1-3/8 6-Spline Input Shaft 11.47


40 HP Rotary cutter gearbox with 1-3/8 6-spline input. Shaft and a gear ratio of 1:1.47. Cast iron housing is sealed to protect the gears and bearings. The mounting plate has four bolt holes spaced 4.75 square. Ships without oil (16 oz of 80-90 W). Gearbox has a piloted flange bottom to fit in a […]

Involute Gear Cutter Set M2.5 PA20° HSS (1-8) Spline Modulfräser Zahnradfräser


Module – M2.5. Outside Dia – 63mm. Bore Dia – 22mm. Material – HSS P6M5 =. Range of Cutters for module gear cutters. Cuts Gear tooth range. 135 – to Rack. May be imposed by your post office or government agency in your country. The item “Involute Gear Cutter Set M2.5 PA20° HSS (1-8) Spline […]

Hitachi 725084 Spline 1-3/4-by-17-by-22-Inch Hammer Bit 4 Cutter


Sockets – Wrenches – Ratchets. Abrasives & Grinding Wheels. Tool Bags & Storage. Cleaning & Janitorial Supplies. Hitachi 725084 Spline 1-3/4-by-17-by-22-Inch Hammer Bit 4 Cutter. Fast and Durable Carbide Tipped. Dynamic Chisel-shaped drill bit head geometry. Spacious Multi fluted spiral. Patented Core reinforcement of flute. To see our Feedback. Please read below for further details. […]

Shaper Cutters Involute Splines M2 Z-13 PA30 HSS USSR Shank Type Shaper Cutter


Shaper Cutters Involute Splines Type Shank. Used for splined connections according to DIN 5480, DIN 5482, ISO 4156, ANSI B92.2M, ANSI B. Number of teeth – 13. Pressure angle – 30 deg. Face width– 15 mm. Outside Dia dao – 29.85 mm. Morse Taper – B18(shortened MT2). High quality is an advantageous feature of gear […]

Weasler 14006542 Rotary Cutter Driveline 1-3/8in x 6-Spline QD & Round


Weasler 14006542 Rotary Cutter Driveline 1-3/8in x 6-Spline QD & Round. Description: Rotary Cutter Driveline. Tractor Yoke: 1-3/8in x 6-Spline QD. Implement Yoke: 1-3/8in x Round w/ Pinhole. For 6ft Lift Cutter. Package Condition: Retail Packaging, Tags. Stock Images Stock photos have been used in this listing. The packaging and/or item you will receive may […]

FLEX wing Rotary Cutter outer wing Pto Shaft 1-3/4 x20 1-3/4 x 20 spline


Check closed/ open length. OUTER WING DRIVELINES INCLUDING CLUTCH. All drivelines include externally greasable telescopic drive tubes and Bare-Co. Lever release safety guard. To LARGER W2600 SERIES STAR PROFILE DRIVELINES. 73″-105″ Overall Length. Machines with 1 3/4 x 20 spline gearboxes including. FITS THESE MODELS BUSH HOG. 1815, 2100L1, 2215R1, 2215RR1, 2515, 2615, 2615L, 2715L […]

Involute spline hob cutter with soldered plates HSS PA 30° Module 2,5 lass B


Involute spline hob cutter. Profile angle – 30°. Helix angle – 1°53. Module (M) – 2.5. Accuracy class – B. Outside diameter D – 81mm. Hole diameter d- 27mm. Overall length – 80mm. Working length – 72mm. Keyway Width – 7,25mm. Weight – approximately 1.9 kg (4,18 lb). Please, see my other products. Everything is […]

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